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Station COLIBRI is a modern and innovative solution that optimizes the work and significantly increases the efficiency of the institution's staff. The huge potential of the device provides the institution with additional income.

The system speeds up and facilitates the work of staff, thereby enabling them to comfortably work and serve more tables and do it much more efficiently.


The station provides uninterrupted contact between the staff and the guest

The station provides the ability to place an order through the device's interface

The station provides the ability to quickly charge the visitor's electronic device

The station offers targeted advertising and special offers that may be interesting and useful for the guest

Continuous technical support, timely updates of the menu and special offers from the establishment

iphone white


The station provides a constant connection between the visitor and the staff and makes it possible to avoid inconvenience, as well as service problems, while the need for constant physical contact and control of the situation by the staff is minimized.

Using the Call Service function, the visitor can remotely ask the waiter to bring the bill, remove excess dishes from the table or inform them that the dish can be served, which will provide an even higher level of comfort for the visitor. The menu of the institution is integrated into the device. Menu integration streamlines and simplifies the ordering process. Information about an order or a guest's request is instantly sent to the staff's smart watches.


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