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The COLIBRI station network is a unique solution for integrating advertising into catering and entertainment venues. The technology makes a direct contact with the guest of the establishment and encourages him to interact with advertising information.


Advertising slide

Placement of an advertising slide with your information.

Video slide

Placement of a video slide with your information.

A slide with a QR code

A slide with a QR code that allows you to open advertising information or a website directly from your gadget.

Hyperlink placement

Placing a link to a site or an image in the menu on the main screen.


Station COLIBRI has several basic body colors and it perfectly fits into any interior. The device is protected from dust and moisture, and also meets all shock resistance standards. In passive mode, while the guest does not interact with the device, advertising information is displayed on it.

On average, a visitor spends 60 minutes in a catering establishment. During this time, he will see your ad 20-30 times, which will increase the value of advertising information.

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